Anime Initial Reaction: Psycho-Pass 2

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Screenshot from 2014-10-18 10:35:08

The long-awaited season 2 of Psycho-Pass has finally arrived! And in it, Tsunemori has become quite a bit of a badass herself. I mean, she started off as this naive girl trying to figure out her purpose in life in season 1. And with the help of all those around her, she turned herself into quite a competent inspector, but in here, she’s doing things all her way. One word to sum it all up: BADASS.

We see that quite a bit of time has elapsed between season 1 and season 2 here when her kouhai listed how long she’s been working as an inspector. At the end of season 1, they showed her stumbling onto the scene for her first day of work, so we know that was day 1 for her. Which means the time elapsed is approximately as long as she said she was an inspector, which is over 1 year. So far, I’ve only had time to watch the first episode, but what I have seen so far, I’m very happy with.

As I have stated, Tsunemori has become a very competent inspector. She is able to predict the motives and moves of her perpetrators much better than any of her colleagues, which allows them to strategize an appropriate counter-measure. Along with that, her defensive and offensive skills seem to have improved a lot, which no longer makes her the damsel in distress that she was sometimes portrayed as in season 1. Let’s look at some screenshots of badass Tsunemori, shall we? (Click to view in gallery mode.)

Of course, with a new badass character, it seems we would need a new damsel in distress. Observe: (Click to view in gallery mode.)

So overall, I think the tone has been more or less set with this first episode. We see that Inspector Tsunemori has become a very reliable officer and then we find a new person who plays the less reliable officer. I sense some tension between senpai and kouhai, just based on their interaction and how the kouhai has a tendency to question Tsumemori’s methods. However, this is all stuff that I’ll have to watch play out. All in all, I’m very excited to see how everything unfolds.

Oh! And one last screenshot before I end this:

Screenshot from 2014-10-18 10:41:10

Tsunemori’s response when she was questioned for her decisions by her kouhai. Simple and to the point. And said with such aloofness that it was somehow COOL. Please don’t disappoint me in future episodes, Tsunemori! xD

Initial Rating: 4/5

Mindless Ramblings

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No reviews or reactions to TV or anime today. I’m a little too tired and cold for that. Just some mindless ramblings and tiny updates on me.

As I have mentioned, I did finish watching season 1 of OUAT and am currently in the middle of watching season 2 (10/22 done). Mulan has already entered the picture at this point, so I’m just waiting to see how everything plays out. Along with everything that is happening in Storybrooke with Regina and Emma.

Home life. We are planning to do a small bit of renovation, just to make the place a little prettier. Been running around trying to pick out materials, match colors and themes and stuff. Since it is my parent’s place, they were the ones that did all the choosing and picking. I gave my opinion when asked, but usually, it was not taken. Let’s just leave it at that.

Work life. Well, let’s not get into that right now.

Love life. Nonexistant. I have other priorities right now.

Friend life. Going alright. Making some effort to hang out with my friends. Winter is coming, and soon everyone will be in hibernation, but there will be a few more attempts and hang outs before that. Hopefully.

Everything else. Been keeping up with my manga updates. Noticed recently that I’m actually a really big fan of Takemiya Jin. Still following RWBY and Fairy Tail. Started OUAT. Started Psycho-Pass 2. I have Akame ga Kill! in my backlog to watch, but probably won’t get to it for a while. I’ve been looking at a few places because I want to move out. And the weather has been bipolar recently. That about sums everything up, I think.

Once Upon a Time S1 Initial Reaction

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First, I must state that I have not finished watching all of season 1 yet, hence why the title states “initial reaction”. I have only watched 16 out of the 22 episodes, so by next week, I will have completed the first season and probably be halfway into the second. That being said, let’s begin.

The reason why I started watching this series is because it was recommended to me by a co-worker and I have several friends who’s facebook feed is filled with swan queen references. So I thought, it must be a good show if like-minded people keep referencing them on their social media and etc etc. Therefore, I decided to give it a try.

I’m a little more than halfway into the season and while I don’t think the show is bad, it’s not exactly enticing. I’m not really feeling half of the storylines, even though I do think they are very creative. The one storyline that irks me the most is the Snow White one. I’m not talking about the one with actual Snow White and Prince Charming. I’m talking about the one with Mary Margaret and David Nolan. And in all honesty, other than the people involved, the plot really isn’t all the same. In real Snow White, Abigail does not actually love Prince Charming and she happily lets him go to Snow White. In real Snow White, Prince Charming would leave Abigail in a heartbeat in order to be with Snow White and blatantly chooses her. In real Snow White, Abigail gets her happily ever after with her lover, Frederick.

In Storybrooke, however, none of that is the case. In Storybrooke, Kathryn wants to be with David and she tries to fight for him. In Storybrooke, David chose Kathryn over Mary Margaret. In Storybrooke, David decides that he can’t stay away from Mary Margaret and they start an affair. In Storybrooke, David lies to both of them because he’s too much of a coward to tell the truth.

Storybrooke David can’t be Prince Charming because fundamentally, their characters are actually very different. And as you might be able to tell, I don’t like David. At all. But Prince Charming is okay in my book. I don’t like Mary Margaret much either, because I felt that she should have put her foot down with David when he kept coming back to her, telling her that he loves her, but I have ranted enough about this subplot.

I feel like all the other subplots are still weaving themselves together though, because I don’t have a sense of completion for any of them. Little Red Riding Hood is pretty kickass though, so that’s cool. I’m just waiting to see how Emma’s and Regina’s relationship is going to change throughout the series. Oh, and since Mulan is my favorite, I’m waiting to see her plotline too.

Anyway, more thoughts to come! 😀


Anime Review: Akuma no Riddle

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Screenshot from 2014-09-27 13:36:25

I feel like I’m a little late on this review since I’ve actually watched this so long ago. I was following it when it came out, but for some reason, never reviewed it. So, here are my belated thoughts for the series.

First, a short summary: Azuma Tokaku was sent to a special school to be in a special class called the “Black Class”. In this Black Class, everyone is an assassin except for the target, Ichinose Haru. The rule of this class is that, whosoever successfully assassinates the target will be granted any one thing that they want. Originally, Azuma was one of the assassins who were after Haru’s life, but early in the series, she decided that she wanted to protect her instead. So begins the tale of a very skilled bodyguard, a damsel in distress, and the many people who are after her life.

Now, let’s introduce the students of the Black Class: (click on an image to view in gallery mode)

Throughout the series, we are given a little bit of insight into each of the assassin’s perspective, so we always know why they want to kill Haru. And while that was nice, I feel like most of those stories were rushed. There were even some instances where it was just glossed over and never really explained. Such as, how was Chitaru able to join the Black Class even though she isn’t really an assassin? Or is she? She was portrayed to be this kind and chivalrous individual that I found it hard to believe her capable of actually taking another human life voluntarily. There was Shiena, whose story we don’t actually really know because she was just written off without having accomplished anything but a few minutes of screen-time. There was Otoya, where we know she’s a psycho serial killer, but there was no other information of her besides that. There was Haruhi, who we know was only in the assassination business because it provided enough money for her to take care of her family, but we don’t know anything about her beyond the fact that she has a huge family she needs to care for.

So yes, I like the series. I liked the premise and the action and sexy Haruhi, but it was way too rushed for me. I want more back story for the characters, I want more action between the Black Class, and I want some character development within the series.

Before I end my review, I have one more thing I’d like to say: CONGRATULATIONS HARU!

For graduating AND getting the tomboyfriend. 😀

Overall rating: 3/5


Anime Review: Soul Eater Not!

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Soul Eater Not! follows the story of Tsumugi Harudori, a middle school girl who one day found out that she was a weapon. So reluctantly, she was shipped away to Death City and go to Death Weapon Meister Academy (DWMA) in order to learn how to control her weapon-ly powers. Immediately during her orientation, she was told that she would need to a find a partner, a meister who could wield her in battle. Lucky for her, she has two contenders vying for that position.

Now, it’s important to note that these girls are enrolled in the Normally Overcome Target (“NOT”) class, which is kind of like a beginners course for teaching weapons how to control themselves. In the original series, the class that Maki and Soul are in is the Especially Advanced Talent (“EAT”) class. Since they’re in the NOT class, the series isn’t as action packed as the original. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there’s no action, just less. And since they are technically beginners, you get to watch them struggle to refine their skills as the two meisters fight over Harudori.

Overall, it’s not a bad series, but it’s highly predictable. And it’s one of those “feel good” anime where everyone gets a happy ending except for the bad guy (who inevitably gets killed, because that’s what happens to bad guys in action-packed anime that involves life and death). I would have preferred for the main protagonist to be less whiny and a little more badass given that she is a weapon, but I’m satisfied with Anya being a badass herself, despite being a princess who is supposed to be all proper and whatnot. Speaking of Anya, if I had to choose a favorite character from this series, it would be her. Why? Because she’s got a cute tsundere side, she’s thoughtful, she’s good with weapons, and she’s a true friend. I don’t have a lot of opinions regarding Meme, since my original thought of her is that she’s kind of annoying with how easily she forgets things, but as the series progressed and we figured out why she’s always so forgetful, I was less annoyed. And then the series ended, so it wasn’t like I was given insight to what she was like when she actually remembers things. Therefore, in the end, I will have to settle with a big question mark about her.

Here are some screenshots for the first episode. Click on an image to view this in “gallery” format.

And one from the last. See that floaty red ball? I find it hilarious that they are toting it around on a string.


Rating: 2.5/5

Orange is the New Black: More Comprehensive Rant

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Here is the promised more comprehensive rant about Orange is the New Black:

My first impression of the show, which was established about 5 minutes in, was that this show is most definitely something I would feel very uncomfortable with watching in the presence of any of my family members. Or even in any public place by the sheer fact that there were a lot of bare bodies. It was by no means porn, but it certainly was not a modest show. While it wasn’t overrun with R rated images and themes, there were a fair bit of boobs and butts and sex throughout the seasons. That being said, I’m not complaining.

I like Alex for the same reason I think most people like Alex. She’s tall, dark, and handsome. She’s a free spirit, she’s adventurous, and she doesn’t like to be tied down. And like most people in this world, she has her demons, she makes mistakes, and she values self-preservation over other’s. What I like about her is that when shit hits the fan, she doesn’t point fingers and try to push the fault onto others. When something goes wrong, she accepts the blame for the mistakes she made and deals with it the best she could. She’s woman enough to admit it, instead of pushing the blame off onto others. Which is something Piper failed to learn.

What surprises me most about the show isn’t the plot. It’s the character development. Or lack thereof for the protagonist of the show. Or is she the antagonist? I can’t really tell, because Piper isn’t really someone you want to root for. She’s a selfish drama queen, with a horrible case of the victim complex. Whenever shit goes down, the first thing she does is find a person to blame. She always has to point her finger at someone when something in her life goes wrong. The thought that the reason why things keep fucking up is because of her never crosses her mind. Until someone points out otherwise. Because she’s too perfect to be at fault. You’ll see this behavior recur throughout the show. It’s almost as if you could watch the first episode of season one and the last episode of the latest season and find zero differences in Piper’s personality.

Some will argue with the statement that I just made, so let me address that before I move on. Yes, I can agree that Piper is more accustomed to life in prison, she knows the system a little more, she’s got some allies, she’s a little darker, and she’s less of a wimp. Here’s my argument: she’s all of those things because she was in prison and has had many confrontations during her time there. She’s experienced now; she’s familiar with the people, with the culture, and with the system. So yes, I can agree that there is a change in her character, but I am reluctant to call that character development, because her core character has not changed. She’s still the same selfish, the-world-revolves-around-me ojou-sama with a victim complex.

That being said, let’s talk about Larry, Piper’s fiance. At the start of the show, I didn’t really think much of the guy. He seemed sweet and lovable enough, even though he kind of had a dead-end job that he was making no progress in. But as the season continued, and as I see more of him and how he dealt with Piper, her time in jail, and her infidelity, I grew to dislike him. I, personally, thought it was stupid of him to propose to her right before her going to prison, because she was going to prison. He wanted to ‘put a ring on it’ while he could, naively thinking that things wouldn’t change between them. But okay, I can understand why he did that, so I won’t fault him for it. But what I will fault him for is when he found out about Piper’s infidelity, he felt the need to corner her into making a decision. It was the “marry me or I’ll leave you” ultimatum. And he did that because he didn’t want to lose her. Um, hello? He already lost her. He lost her the second she decided to fuck Alex in a chapel. He just didn’t want to admit it. She didn’t want to admit it. They wanted to think that by getting married, they could bury the hatchet and pretend it never happened. Since when did healthy relationships operate that way?

Oh, and let’s not forget that since Piper is the most interesting thing in his life, he decides to tell her stories to promote himself. And he does so without her permission. He does so without asking her whether or not it’s okay to expose some of the things that he did. I mean, it’s a good thing that the prison she went to wasn’t all that hardcore and while people generally gave her a hard time, her life was never really threatened. At least, not from the stuff he was spouting. But imagine if it did. Imagine if the shit that he told the world ticked off her prison mates enough for them to want her life. Well, good going there, Mr. fiance. You value a small bit of recognition over the life of the person you supposedly love. There’s absolutely no respect given there. I admit, she cheated. She’s a pretty horrible person, but what he did made me feel bad for Piper, because what he did could have potentially endangered her. I’m not defending her actions, I’m simply attacking his.

And then there’s Healy, who likes to think of himself as the ‘good guy’. Except the whole ‘good guy’ thing is just an act. I mean, he doesn’t realize it yet, but it is. He’s only the ‘good guy’ when he feels like it and when he is rewarded for playing that role. When things don’t go his way, or when he feels just slightly dejected, he takes his anger out on the inmates. Not to mention, the guy kind of has anger issues. And paranoia. Lots of paranoia revolving around lesbians. His whole theory of the lesbian is so comical that I think the writer’s just added it in for shits and giggles, but his genuine homophobia is slightly disturbing to me, which is kind of a weird mix of feelings.

Something I would like to see in future seasons is character development. Not just for the side characters (how sad is it when the side characters get more character development than the main character?), but for Piper. Mostly Piper. I want to know other people’s stories, but I also really want to see Piper become a badass.

I don’t have much input for the plot of the show itself because the plot mainly details Piper’s adventures as she goes through prison. It follows the people who Piper meets, the trials that Piper faces, and the aftermath of the decisions that Piper makes Therefore, most of my opinion for the show revolves around Piper, and the people that she meets. If I were to categorize the genre that this show falls under, I’d say it was mostly ‘slice of life’ with a hint of romance.

Of course, I have more input about the other people in the show besides the few that were mentioned, but I think that would turn this entry into a book. Therefore, I think I will just leave this here. Until next time!

Orange is the New Black: Character Impressions

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I’ve actually heard a lot about the series and have seen a few random clips , so when my friend asked if I wanted to watch it with her, it was an easy “yes”. I started watching it last weekend, and pretty much just marathon-ed it whenever I could between work and home life until there were no more episodes to watch. And here are my thoughts on some of the characters:

– Piper is annoying with her victim complex.

– Alex is a sexy beast, but she really needs to work on the whole “making mistakes over and over again” thing.

– Larry is clingy and childish and he needs to learn to come up with stories on his own… instead of continuously using Piper’s stories for his career.

– Pennsatucky is just delusional, but in a hilarious kind of way.

– Red is awesome. She is the definition of tough love.

– Nicky is such a player… she collects orgasms to pass the time prison.

– Brook is entertaining, but her incessant talking makes her both annoying and cute. And, she has nice boobs.

– Black Cindy is the reason why I want to put locks on my suitcases when I travel via airplanes.

– Taystee gets points from me for defending Harry Potter.

– Crazy Eyes is… I have no words for how I feel about Crazy Eyes.

– Daya needs to make up her damn mind about what she wants to do with John and the baby.

– John needs to make up his mind and he needs to stop letting people step all over him. And timing… he needs to learn about timing.

– Pornstache is just… eghh.

– Fischer has the saddest puppy dog eyes… and it’s CONSTANT. Even when she’s happy, she looks like she has puppy dog eyes.

– Healy needs to get over the whole lesbian thing. He also needs to get off his high horse. He says he wants to help the inmates, but that’s only when he is in the mood to do it. All the other times, he’s just another asshole CO wielding his authority unfairly.

– Big Boo needs to find some loyalty. But, she earns points for fooling with Pennsatucky about the whole lesbian agenda thing. That was a hilarious conversation.

If I’m forgetting anyone, it’s because they weren’t memorable enough or I just don’t have anything to say about them. I’m going to end this here since I have company now and it’s kind of rude to type away on the computer with them around. When I have more time, I’ll write a more comprehensive entry on it. Until next time!